Member Information

A WORD ABOUT OUR NAME: A team of B&B owners research and evaluate every program that eventually wins OBBA approval as a member benefit. The volunteers working on program development take their jobs seriously. Just like you, they have a business to run and so are interested in cutting costs, attracting customers, and increasing the bottom line. New programs are subjected to a thorough evaluation and screening process by the Membership Program & Development Committee. Established programs undergo periodic reevaluation to ensure quality and continued performance.

OBBA MEMBERS HAVE HIGH STANDARDS Let’s face it. OBBA members are special. Adherence to high industry standards in the areas of safety, cleanliness, comfort and hospitality set OBBA members head and shoulders above the rest. We are your partners in standard setting, maintenance and promotion. Our inspectors are professional, discreet and helpful throughout the entire process. Your commitment to quality ensures your B&B opens without a hitch and continues to offer the kind of enjoyable experience that will keep your customers coming back again and again.

Once you have passed your initial standard inspection, our public relations machine kicks into high gear. First, you receive an attractive certificate bearing the Pineapple emblem of quality and hospitality. Frame it and display it with pride. Your customers will appreciate the professionalism and extra effort such a certificate of excellence demonstrates. Next, the office sends a press release to your local newspaper announcing your achievement and promoting your bed and breakfast in this exciting, young industry. We have learned that often the press release not only earns your B&B a write up in your local paper, but it can spark additional feature coverage, as well. In addition, as an inspected and qualifying establishment, you earn the right to incorporate the Pineapple logo in your letterhead, brochures and other promotional materials, as well as the opportunity to advertise in the OBBA directory, which is distributed through Ohio’s division of tourism’s 1-800-BUCKEYE.

Finally, our marketing and PR support doesn't stop there. We have negotiated some very competitive deals to put your “satellite in orbit” through web site directories, “Ohio B&B Month,” and other special promotions, such as our newest campaign, the “Rest Assured” program, which emphasizes to the traveling public the high safety standards upheld by our members.

ALWAYS GO TO AN EXPERT . . . We know each B&B owner is unique and that employers’ needs also are as varied. That’s why our products provide great flexibility and many options, including managed care plans, such as Preferred Provider Organizations. We offer fully insured plans, as well as plans based upon shared funding. A full range of benefits and coverage allow B&B owners and suppliers to choose a plan that best meets their employees’ needs.